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In the fall of 2017, a group of invested individuals who had worked towards the Mt. Sunflower Wellness Center over the last few years came together with previous Wallace County Recreation (WCR) board members to form a new, active recreation board ready to expand the rec’s program offerings and open a fitness center.


In an agreement with the Sharon Springs Wesleyan Church, the WCR secured a fitness center location at the Mt. Sunflower Bed and Breakfast Annex, directly west of the B& B. This is a central location for Wallace County residents and will allow B&B guests access to a workout facility as well.


Past donation, revenue from the Mt. Sunflower 5K Run held annually during the Wallace County Fair, grant funding secured from a Wallace County Hansen Community Grant through the Wallace County Community Foundation, and extensive volunteerism has allowed major renovations to the fitness center space, including removing walls and new flooring throughout.


In August of 2018 the WCR was awarded a $30,000 grant directly from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation for the purchase of fitness equipment and educational materials to fill the newly renovated space. Relationships have been built with Wallace County Commissioners and City of Sharon Springs. Through these collaborations, the city of Sharon Springs and the county have both raised their budgeted financial support for the WCR. This change in funding has allowed the WCR to hire two year-round, half-time recreation and fitness center directors in place of a summer-only, quarter-time position.  


Hollie Schattel is filling the position of the Recreation Programs Director. Raya Wagoner is the Wallace County Recreation Center Director.  You can reach them with any inquiries through the Wallace County Rec Facebook Page, email (, or phone. Hollie Schattel: 785-821-3368 and Raya Wagoner: 785-443-1711.


Over the past many years, the WCR has made huge steps towards creating a community fitness center and expanding the rec program offerings, and doing so in a way that can be sustained for years to come. We are excited to be able to offer a fitness center with extensive hours of access and ample instruction to promote healthy life practices in our rural community.


Open Wallace County Recreation board meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 6:30pmin the basement of the Sunflower B&B. 

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